Ohio Nursing Home Planning

The good news is that more of us are living longer. The bad news is that along with living longer comes the increased chance you might experience a catastrophic health problem that requires special care at home, in assisted living, in a continuing care facility, or in a nursing home. If you are like most of us, the last thing you want to think about is planning for such a healthcare crisis, but advanced planning is the key to ensuring that you protect the assets you have worked a lifetime to accumulate. There is absolutely nothing to lose by planning early – in fact, you have everything to gain!

Our Goals in Nursing Home Planning in Ohio

1.To legally qualify our clients for nursing home benefits at the earliest possible time with full disclosure.

2.To protect a lifetime of savings from being lost to a nursing home spend-down

3.To provide for each and every supplemental need of the senior…including such things as hair care, cable television, new clothing, special duty nurses, private rooms, etc.

4.To provide that any remaining funds go to the children at the senior’s death, rather than to the state.

Maximize your Nursing Plan Options in Ohio

Early planning may allow you to take advantage of special benefit programs available in Ohio to help pay for your choice of services and where you will receive those services. You may be eligible for Veterans benefits or other programs to help you pay for long-term, custodial care in a variety of settings, including in your own home. A qualified Ohio Elder Law attorney can help you determine which programs are available to you and can help you navigate the complex system of ever-changing laws involving federal, state, and local government agencies that may impose strict eligibility requirements for long-term care benefits.

Most people believe that it is impossible to obtain benefits for long-term care before you spend down your entire life savings. The truth is, with proper planning, you may preserve a substantial portion of your life savings – even if you or your loved one is already in a nursing home.

Keeping you in the driver’s seat

The road to advanced planning starts with deciding (1) where you will go, (2) how you will pay for your care and (3) how much and what type of a legacy you want to leave for the special people or organizations in your life. When you plan early, you have options. Waiting, on the other hand, usually means taking more drastic measures to get your finances in order. You have the ability to make decisions for yourself – to keep you in the driver’s seat!

Get your plan in place

Cooper, Adel & Associates is dedicated to building a continuing relationship with each senior client: to protect their wealth from the devastating costs of a catastrophic healthcare situation; to conserve their wealth for their use during their lifetime; to shelter their wealth from unnecessary legal expense or taxes; and to assure that their wealth is transferred to their heirs with minimal cost or delay.

Call today to schedule your free consultation with one of our elder law attorneys in Centerburg, Sidney, Monroe, and Chillicothe to learn how you can get your ducks in a row!