Estate Recovery

As you know, we believe that when you pass away, things should be easier for the family members you have left behind to care for your belongings, expenses, and your estate.

One of the concerns we commonly assist families with in Ohio is Estate Recovery.

Estate Recovery is a law that permits the State of Ohio to place liens on real estate to recover state medical benefits that were paid for a person’s nursing home or other long term care expenses. A lien is an official claim against your home, farm, or other real estate. Ohio can put a lien on any of your assets when you begin to receive benefits.

Generally, it is the responsibility of your family members or executer to pay these off  in the event of your death when and if the property is sold. This recovery process can happen any time after your death. There are no limitations or expiration dates; Ohio can do this any time. Learn more about Ohio’s Estate Recovery Program.

For some, these payments come as a surprise. While your family is still paying the funeral home and the florist, an attorney shows up to collect the assets.

If you already received a letter form the Attorney General about Estate Recovery, you and your family still have options. You should consider working with an experienced Ohio elder law attorney and figure out a plan to make things easier for the family members you will be leaving behind.

At Cooper, Adel & Associates, we understand that this law and how it affects your family is very confusing. By answering your questions, suggesting solutions, and putting a plan into action,we hope to make things simpler for the family left to deal with Estate Recovery.

If you have questions about Ohio Estate Recovery and how it affects your family’s future, be sure to contact the experienced elder law attorneys at Cooper, Adel & Associates.