Creating little planets on an iPhone

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By Bob Kueppers
We’re going to shift gears today and I’m writing about something totally unrelated to Elder Law. I recently had a photography tutorial published in a magazine that I’d like to share with you today. 
One of the most friequent questions I get asked on my blog is how I create my Tiny Planets. Tiny Planets are commonly referred to by there technical name, Stereographic Projections. The process involves a tripod and taking a series of overlapping photos using a fisheye lens. Each planet is made up of 20-30 individual shots then merged together with a program called PTGui creating a very large panorama.

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Taking the right path

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By Janet Fickle

Life is beautiful and should be cherished. Enjoy every moment as though it is your last. Take the right path and prepare for taking care of your financial planning to protect your assets.

Survival behind enemy lines

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By Attorney Ted Brown

I am very proud to have known my grandfather, Lt. Colonel William F. Brown, and I frequently enjoy telling his story of survival behind enemy lines in Korea. I remember that he was always reluctant to share the details but spoke instead of the other crew members that did not make it out. He, like many in his generation, answered the call to defend freedom from the many tyrants of the 20th Century.

As an Elder Law Attorney at Cooper, Adel & Associates, I welcome the opportunity to serve our veterans and get them the benefits they deserve.

Winter Home

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By Attorney Liz Durnell

When I was younger, my family and I went to Cocoa Beach, Florida every spring to visit my grandparents at their “Winter Home.”  My grandparents were always so tan and happy from days spent fishing or riding their beach cruisers on the beach.  I remember how great it was to go to the beach every day and visit the Ron Jon Surf Shop.  My favorite part of the trip was going to Sunrise Service on the beach for Easter, even though getting three small children up and ready at that hour couldn’t have been easy for my parents and grandparents!

Through my work at, I have seen many clients being forced to sell their “Winter Home” and thus, depriving themselves and their families of the enjoyment that I experienced in Florida every year.  However, I have learned, through my work with Cooper, Adel and Associates, that there are ways to protect your “Winter Home.”