What is it going to cost? Who is going to pay?

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By Roy Whited

The information below was taken in part from the Ohio Department of Insurance news release of June 6, 2013 and a book by Nick J. Tate, Obama Care Survival Guide.

Health Insurance Costs to Increase Significantly Under Affordable Care Act
Plans filed with Department of Insurance Show Higher Costs for Ohio Consumers [Read more…]

The Effects of Obamacare on Labor Unions

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By: Attorney Nathan Simpson

In recent days, news outlets are reporting on a surprising unintended victim of Obamacare: Labor Union health plans. Forbes and The New York Times are reporting that Obamacare will have a drastic impact on both public and private sector labor unions, both traditional Democratic allies.

The law contains a hidden tax on so-called “Cadillac” health plans, which was sold to the American people as a tax on the health plans of wealthy executives. What most Americans did not know was that it would have the biggest impact on regular, hard-working Americans such as teachers, first responders, or factory workers with union contracts. Over the past few years, unions negotiated increases in health benefits in place of monetary compensation. This was a win-win for employees, who received better benefits, and employers, who benefited from preferential tax subsidies for offering health benefits. [Read more…]