The Centerburg Office

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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.31.13 PMThe Centerburg office of Cooper, Adel & Associates is conveniently located in the geographical center of Ohio and serves counties throughout Central Ohio. Centerburg is also known as “The Heart of Ohio” and was originally a stagecoach stop. Later, Centerburg was a rural stop for the Toledo and Ohio Central (T&OC), the New York Central Railroad Eastern Branch and the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus (CA&C) Railroads. Every fall during the third week of September, Centerburg features a Old Time Farming Festival that draws folks from all over Ohio for dancing tractors, country singing, old-time demonstrations and a pie auction.

Cooper, Adel & Associates has been a proud business member of the Centerburg community for over 25 years. Whatever elder law needs you, a family member, or friend may have can be addressed by the staff of at our Centerburg office. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance, contact our office for your free consultation and, as we say, “Get Your Ducks in a Row”!

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Who is manning the front door at Cooper and Adel?

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By Kevin Trimble
Cooper and Adel want you and your family to have the most pleasant experience possible from the time you enter our doors. When you enter the doors of our Centerburg offices there are 2 people waiting to courteously greet you and ensure that you are comfortable.

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Supporting Special Olympics…

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JM Megail Gaumer

While the country is immersed in watching athletes compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, there are 7,000 more Olympic athletes preparing for the 2015 Los Angeles summer games. The Los Angeles games are held for intellectually disabled individuals as part of the ongoing global movement known as the Special Olympics.
Millions of individuals benefit by participating in the Special Olympics and they are not just the athletes. The Special Olympics organization gives intellectually disabled people the opportunity to focus on strengths and abilities they otherwise may not have known existed. Volunteers gain perspective on the abilities of those with intellectual disabilities.

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Honoring the Dangers of Spaceflight

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By Attorney Ted Brown

The achievements of human space exploration has afforded mankind with innumerable benefits. While many of us take these benefits for granted, these achievements have come at a high price.

This week is marked as the deadliest week in the history of manned space exploration. The span from January 26 to February 1 has seen three major tragedies resulting in the loss of the entire crew in all cases. Below is a brief synopsis of these tragic missions. Today we remember the lives of these brave pioneers who gave their lives in the name of science and discovery:

January 27, 1967 – Apollo 1

January 26, 1986- Space Shuttle Challenger

February 1, 2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia