What happens if your parents forget to pay their LTC insurance?

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By Robin Crouch

  1. The policy lapses resulting in no coverage. This may happen when they need the coverage the most!

  2. They would not qualify for a new policy if they had developed health problems since the policy was originally issued.

  3. Your parents may end up “spending down” everything they have taken a lifetime to earn before they can qualify for public assistance, or

  4. Unless you are independently wealthy and can ensure they have care when needed, they may not receive the care they need.

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Purchasing A New Life Insurance Policy – Two important questions

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By Senior Law Clerk, Steve Wright

Shopping for a new life insurance policy can be daunting with all of the options available. Not only do different rules apply to each policy, but the premiums that you will have to pay will vary depending on a multitude of factors. Choosing the wrong policy could have negative financial consequences, so knowing what you need out of a life insurance policy can mean the difference between purchasing the correct policy for you and your family or shelling out large amounts of cash for premiums on a policy that may expire or provide inadequate benefits for those you leave behind. [Read more…]

September Designated Life Insurance Awareness Month

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By Roy Whited

Taken in part from a news release from the Ohio Department of Insurance on September 3, 2013.

Governor Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Taylor encourage Ohioans to consider life insurance to protect family and loved ones. In this news release Governor Kasich and Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Director Mary Taylor are reminding Ohioans about the importance of taking steps to financially protect their loved ones if an unfortunate life event were to occur. They have designated September life insurance month in Ohio through a resolution. The release points out the importance of life insurance life-stage considerations. Including, young singles, young families, established families, seniors, single parents, military and raising grandchildren. [Read more…]

Navigating the Life Insurance Offers

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By Tonya Smith

Each month, utilities companies pack their envelopes with “Valuable Offers” and I always throw these away without giving any thought to what these offers are.  Today was different; I took the time to glance at each of these offers and discovered the following:
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